Sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca
Sonntag 22 April 2018 - Malakka, Malaysia

Unfortunately I will speed through these last posts due to that I am soon to be bording my flight back home. But enough of that for now. First and foremost I spent almost five full days in Kuala Lumpur with the intent of lying low and keeping down my travel expenses as my budget now was starting to

Singapore and the end of an Adventure
Samstag 28 April 2018 - Singapur, Singapur

Yes this is it. The finale post I will make to this journal. It has been an experiment and I haven't been as good at updating it later in my journey as I would have liked to be. But all things considered it has been a blast writing it and I hope those of you that have read it found it fun and

Trekking Through Cameron Highlands
Sonntag 15 April 2018 - Cameron Higlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Once again I found myself in an area that could be described as a garden of eden. I am not kidding! Cameron Highlands is another one of these amazing places that show how incredible natur can be. I only had two days, more a day and a half, but that didn't stop me from getting the most out of it!

Chilling in George Town
Donnerstag 12 April 2018 - George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Whenever you find good food you find good people. I don't know if this is a saying but it should be! I spent the better part of 10 days in Georgetown and around with moat of the time consuming great food, chatting with locals or meeting new friends around the hostel. Here I once again fell in love

Trekking through the Jungle in Bukit Lawang
Montag 2 April 2018 - Medan City, Sumatera Utara, Indonesien

This is it. My finale post of Indonesia. Well what to say about Bukit Lawang and the great jungle it borders on. It is amazing, the place is situated beautifully by a river with houses and resturants along it. And behind it all is the great Sumatran jungle. So why do you go to this small remote

Hanging in Yogyakarta and visiting Prambanan
Montag 26 März 2018 - Yogyakarta, Indonesien

Ah Yogya, a beautiful city in the middle of the island of java. Following its rich and colorful history a sprawling city have spurred with a love for the artisitc. In this city I found myself on my finale days of my 60 days of traveling in Indonesia. I stayed at beautiful hostel named Snooze in the

The visit to Borobodur
Sonntag 25 März 2018 - Yogyakarta, Indonesien

Sometimes you get somewhere, you see something or you meet someone and you know wow this I will remember for the rest of my days'. Well here I am at the bottom of the largest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobodur, sitting under a parasol with the rain pouring down around me. Yeah bot the most

Resting and recharing in Ubud
Freitag 16 März 2018 - Ubud, Bali, Indonesien

Alright I am not gonna lie I wasn't supposed to stay eight days in Ubud, not at all. But in the end even the most energetic need to rest and I had finally reached my limit. Up until this point I hadn't really stopped for any extended amount of time, only four to five days at most. And throught

Chilling out in Nusa Penida!
Dienstag 13 März 2018 - Bali, Indonesien

So the next few posts are gonna be shorter than normal. Have neglected writing for sometime now and that unfortunately also leads to that some details get list in memory.But nack on track. From Mataram I made my way to Pedang Bai in Bali. This small town works as a harbour hub for those who want to

Climbing the mighty Rinjani!

Alright guys this is the big one!My biggest goal for this entire trip, except diving but that was not part of the original plan, was to climb atleast a few volcanos. So with Empung and Lokon in Tomohon under my belt I sat out for my biggest adventure yet. Climbing mount Rinjani in Lombok. This

Tages Resa i Australien och Sydostasien 2017/2018

Tages Resa i Australien och Sydostasien 2017/2018

14 Dezember 2017 - 29 April 2018

Hejsan vänner härifrån kommer ni kunna följa min resa i Australien och genom Indonesien samt Malaysia, det kommer dyka upp bilder och inlägg här allt eftersom resan fortgår antagligen när jag landar på ställen där det finns wifi. Allt gott! Tage Hello friends this is going to be the best place to follow my journey in aussie and througout southeast asia. I'll update this as time goes on but mostly when I end up having wifi. Have a good one! Tage

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