One year going strong
Sonntag 7 Oktober 2018 - Dalby, Queensland, Australien

Vilken dag är det idag? Jo idag har jag och Sara rest tillsammans i ett helt år! Ett galet och helt fantastiskt år och mer ska det bli! Det har naturligvis inte bara varit en dans på rosor men med världens bästa resesällskap kan man känna sig hemma varsomhelst i världen. Tack Sara för att

The last piece of vacation
Donnerstag 1 März 2018 -

So we have a few days left before real life (as real as it can get in Austrailia for us) starts. Two days to be exact. Lets enjoy it properly! Skål! 

Move along!
Dienstag 27 Februar 2018 -

The end of our trip in New Zealand was interesting I must say! After a cyclone, flooding, some stranded tourists and a bottle of Jäger we had to rush to the airport being time optimists and forgetting to clean the car properly. We did however effectivly avoid the fine of 600 dollars and

Little states and a chinese invasion
Montag 19 Februar 2018 - Queenstown, Otago, Neuseeland

I expected New Zealand to feel a bit more european, especially after travelling South America, but it feels like an extra state to USA. The achitecture is the same as the countryside in Nevada with premade movable houses in bleak colours. New Zealand definitely needs some architects to immigrate

I could get used to this
Dienstag 13 Februar 2018 - Owen River, Neuseeland

Dinner. Just like that. 

Break the fast
Montag 12 Februar 2018 - Collingwood, Tasman, Neuseeland

Breakfast in a beautiful place and a health treatment for saras cold. Ginger tea with lemon and magical waipua honey (don't know how the magic works though...) an egg and porridge with cinnamon and fresh apples. Buen provecho! 

To the south!
Montag 12 Februar 2018 - Collingwood, Tasman, Neuseeland

We took the ferry south. With broken sleep and arriving early in the morning we decided to drive to a free campingsite (a parkinglot) to close our eyes for a couple of hours before driving to the north point of the south island. It is weird,  I think you get kind of numb after traveling for a

Hillbilly land
Sonntag 11 Februar 2018 - Newtown, Kiriwhakapapa, Wellington, Neuseeland

So New Zealand is cool, beautiful and... full of hillbillies. They are everywhere and everyday the radio and the roads amaze us. Efficiency, logic and reason are things that seem to be lacking from time to time. Same with quality. Have you tried listening tp the radio in New Zealand for example? I

Dienstag 6 Februar 2018 -

Driving and camping are working without problem (almost... Sara can potentially on one occasion or two have driven on the wrong side of the road... I may also have had a light heart attack when a car suddenly showed up on the right side of the road around a corner after about 10 minutes cruising on

Here we go
Freitag 2 Februar 2018 - Auckland, Neuseeland

Omg. Driving on the left side of the road... wish us luck! 🤤

The Big Lap - Australiens västra halva

The Big Lap - Australiens västra halva

20 März 2021 - 20 Juni 2021

Efter att ha bott två år och lite till i outback NSW var det dags att sälja allt och börja resa igen. För ungefär tre och ett halvt år sen bar det av från Sverige till Sydamerika. Australien var bara tänk som ett stopp i mitten innan vi fortsatte till Asien och tog vägen genom Ryssland tillbaka hem. Ingen av oss hade tänkt att vi skulle spendera över tre år i Australien och nu är vi inne på vårt fjärde år här. Hur hände det? Ja jag vet inte riktigt, men en världspandemi ändrade allas planer och vi fastnade här på andra sidan jorden. Efter två år som gruvarbetare började det bli dags att röra på sig igen. Vi har redan sett det mesta av Australiens östkust så nu blir det en resa från söder till norr i Australiens västra halva! Genom öken och stepp till vingårdar och krokodiler. Vårt färdmedel: bil Resans budget: 100 AUD/dag/person Resans omfattning: ca. 15000 km Resetid: ca. 3 månader Den stora utmaningen: Två energiska hundar! Önska oss lycka till, nu åker vi!

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Att resa med hypotyreos

Att resa med hypotyreos

8 Oktober 2017 - 20 Februar 2019

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Jorden runt

Jorden runt

8 Oktober 2017 - 8 Oktober 2019

It started as a joke; Sara, if we don´t get a PhD position, let's travel the world! Eat, drink, see new places and avoid all the responsibilities of growing up for another year. I always dreamed of traveling but there was always something tying me to Sweden. Studies, a person, a home. Today, I don't even own a bed (Bella is safely spoiled at my parents place). Weird, some would say ― liberating, I would say. So the dream became a joke, the joke became reality, and now reality is just around the corner! And you know what? I am ready, let the dream begin!

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